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Natalie Kyriacou


Natalie KyriacouNatalie Kyriacou is the Founder and CEO of My Green World and the Creator of World of the Wild mobile game app. Natalie holds a Bachelor degree in Communications from Griffith University and a Master of International Relations degree from the University of Melbourne. In an effort to engage more people with wildlife and environmental issues, Natalie created My Green World in 2013. The foundation of the company is to develop innovative and educational platforms that will enhance the efforts of global wildlife and environmental conservation. Natalie has worked with a range of nonprofits around the world with a particular focus on wildlife conservation, environmental protection, animal welfare and community development. Through My Green World, Natalie has acquired 17 high profile charity partnerships and sits on the Board of Directors for Sri Lanka-based non-profit, Dogstar Foundation. In 2015, Natalie launched World of the Wild, the first youth-focussed mobile game application with a positive impact on real-life conservation. Natalie has made a significant impact on her profession, utilising both her degree in Communications and in International Relations to report on and campaign for global wildlife and environmental issues. Her work has been featured in various publications, including Australian Geographic, Huffington Post, Wildlife Photographic Magazine, Herald Sun, K9 Magazine, and Care2, and she has been recognised as the Foundation for Young Australians 2015 ‘Social Pioneers’ Award, Griffith University’s 2016 Finalist for the Outstanding Alumni of the Year Award, the Global Student Entrepreneur National Finalist Award in 2015, a Finalist for the Victorian Young Achiever Award and the 2016 winner of Pro Bono Australia’s Impact 25 Award. Natalie is a sitting member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and was previously a member of the University of Melbourne’s Animal Ethics Committee for the Department of Veterinary Sciences. In 2015, Natalie was responsible for the global ban on elephant rides by Australia’s largest travel wholesaler, Tempo Holidays. To contact Natalie directly with press, partnership or investment enquiries, please email


Akshay Shah


Akshay Shah

Akshay is the Chief Financial Officer at My Green World. Akshay has 9 years of experience in government finance, financial management and strategy and budget management. Inspired by documentaries such as ‘Blackfish’, ‘The Cove’, ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘Tyke Elephant Outlaw’, Akshay is combining his passion for nature conservation and education with his vast experience in finance and management to shape My Green World’s strategic direction and to ensure that the company is achieving both social impact and economic value. Akshay is a CPA and holds a Master degree in Accounting and Finance from Latrobe University and is currently working as a Senior Budget Analyst with the Department of Justice and Regulation alongside his role at My Green World. Akshay envisions a world where environments and species are preserved and protected, rather than destroyed, and he is a rapidly growing presence within both Australia’s government and social enterprise sectors.

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