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Resources for Charities
My Green World

Resources for Charities

My Green World offers collaborative opportunities and PR and Marketing services and resources for nonprofits and social good organisations...

My Green World
My Green World

Partner Charities

My Green World is committed to raising the profile of wildlife and environmental issues. Partnered with 18 international charities, we ...

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Mobile Game Application

My Green World's mobile game app, World of the Wild allows users to support charities and become virtual wildlife heroes....


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My Green World has partnered with 18 local and international non-profit organisations and is empowering the global community and restoring the natural world. This company truly is a change to the status quo; utilising online activism to achieve tangible results in wildlife and environmental conservation. Download My Green World’s mobile app, World of the Wild, to support our various wildlife initiatives.

-My Green World Founding Director, Natalie Kyriacou


Pros and Cons of GMOs

The Pros and Cons of GMOs

From Golden Rice to genetically modified barley for gluten-free beer,...

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Bullfighting and Animal Cruelty

The Life of a Bull – Bu...

Earlier this month, a matador was killed in eastern Spain, after he...

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Go Cruelty Free

Go Cruelty Free – Brands...

Here is a list of some of our favourite brands that DON’T test on...

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