World of the Wild

World of the Wild is a unique game that gives users an opportunity to participate in fun gameplay, while contributing to real life wildlife conservation efforts. This app gamifies the concept of saving animals, and allows you to rescue, rehabilitate and care for animals and habitats within your own carefully crafted world. Each animal in the app represents a real life charity!

Partnered with 17 charities, World of the Wild offers unique facts and pop quizzes and will allow users rescue animals in need! The game will empower the global community and transform online culture while restoring the natural world. It’s a change to the status quo; utilising online activism to achieve tangible results in conservation.


The Problem

96 elephants are killed every day and 2 wildlife rangers are killed every week trying to protect wildlife against poachers. Over half of the world’s species have disappeared in the last 40 years. It is time for a change. It’s time to revolutionise the way that people connect with matters of global concern. It’s time to raise the profile of wildlife, development and environmental issues worldwide.

We have noticed an ongoing trend and problem within current models of mobile apps; games are focused on destruction and demolition or otherwise have a strong ‘zoo’ focus, glamourising animals as pets and wildlife in captivity.  Despite vast technological advances, our society still lives within a paradigm where animals are endangered, whole species are disappearing, and our environmental habitats and heritage are being destroyed. Recognising that these negative trends provide no tangible or educational value regarding animals, wildlife, and the environment, we set out to find a solution.

The Solution

Our solution is World of the Wild - a unique mobile game app that allows users to participate in real-world wildlife conservation and habitat restoration scenarios. Rescue wildlife, build habitats, compete in educational pop quizzes and support charities in World of the Wild!


  • Pick an endangered or troubled species to rescue. Raise it in your own virtual world.
  • Clean up oil spills, scare away poachers and rescue marine animals from trawlers!
  • Unlock new and exciting species as you progress in the game.
  • Compete in educational pop quizzes to save endangered species.
  • Support our 17 partner charities within the game.
  • Forge relationships with other earth-saving users and join forces to rescue, rehabilitate and release more animals.
  • Plant trees and flowers in your garden to improve the atmosphere.
  • Create your own virtual world full of rich and diverse wildlife.
  • Each animal you choose to rescue will be connected to a particular charity, which will enable the user to learn about and donate to (if they wish).
  • Feed, bathe, weigh, monitor and provide medical care to all your animals.

Remember, each contribution you make within the app, whether it is rescuing a panda or buying a pocket of rainforest, will truly contribute to wildlife conservation efforts around the world

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