My Green World has an extraordinary team of writers and contributors who are dedicated to reporting on global wildlife, environmental and animal welfare issues. My Green World provides opportunities for writers and wildlife heroes to share their stories and report on key issues in the conservation landscape. If you are interested in pitching your story to My Green World, please email info@mygreenworld.org


Natalie Kyriacou

Natalie is the Editor-in-Chief and Founding Director of My Green World. She is the Creator of World of the Wild mobile game app and holds a Bachelor degree in Journalism as well as a Master of International Relations degree from the University of Melbourne.

Danae Kopanidis

Danae is an innovative, creative and compassionate communications professional, who utilises her skills to promote public awareness for animal rights and environmental issues.

Farial Zaman

Farial holds a Master of Development Studies degree and has a keen interest in women's empowerment and education. Born in Bangladesh, she was brought up in Africa before immigrating to Australia and has worked in Fiji and Laos.

Kathryn Leckie

Kathryn is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts: Professional and Creative Writing, and has always had a passion for animals. She hopes that she can be another voice to help spread awareness for animals to have safer and happier lives.

Fiona Murphy

Fiona is a freelance writer and editor based in Melbourne. When she's not writing, Fi scampers out of town for camping and hiking adventures.

Rob Hanley

Through a vibrant youth in South East Asia and travels to over 35 countries, Rob has seen firsthand human impact on the environment and the ways in which charities have been able to mitigate this. He has worked closely with organisations in the Amazon studying predators and as a research assistant with kangaroos in his adopted homeland of Australia.

Alayna Hansen

Studying Journalism at RMIT, Alayna is passionate about highlighting marginalised issues both in social and environmental contexts and aspires to write for National Geographic. If you can't find her at an observatory, zoo or museum, she's probably watching David Attenborough documentaries, reading classic literature and devising a plan to travel the world as an international reporter. You can follow her work here or read  her contributions as Deputy Editor of Science at The Australia Times.

Nicole Kyriacou

Nicole is a budding wildlife conservationist and our resident science analyst. She has worked in a variety of wildlife clinics throughout Africa and is now based in Queensland where she studies the impact of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef.

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