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Have you ever wanted to save an orphaned infant orang-utan from habitat destruction? Or save a whale from harpooning? What about rescuing a polar bear from a melting icecap? My Green World gives you the opportunity to become truly involved in every aspect of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing animals from all over the world. You will create beautiful gardens and habitats, unlock new and endangered animals to save, watch once- sick animals grow and thrive and climb trees, learn about various animal and environmental issues and help save animals and conserve environment IN REAL LIFE.


Mobile Game Application

My Green World has noticed an ongoing trend within current models of mobile game applications. Games are focused on destruction and demolition or otherwise have a strong ‘zoo’ focus, glamourising animals as pets and wildlife in captivity.

Our solution is to create a unique mobile game application that will allow users to connect with real-life charities and environmental and wildlife issues. This game will allow users to participate in real-world wildlife conservation and habitat restoration scenarios, and each action that a user takes in the game will assist affiliate charities to emulate those actions in real life.

This application gamifies the concept of saving animals, and will allow users to rescue, rehabilitate and care for animals and habitats within their own carefully crafted world. The mobile game will give users the opportunity to learn about wildlife issues and enable them to make donations to affiliated organisations, all while nursing their digital representations back to health in a personalised rehabilitation and habitat building centre.

This game will revolutionise the way that the public connects with wildlife, environmental and animal welfare issues, and will make it possible for anybody to make real, positive changes in the natural world. This game will empower the global community and transform game culture while restoring the natural world. This app truly is a change to the status quo; utilising online activism to achieve tangible results in conservation.

World of the Wild

Remember, each contribution you make within the app, whether it is rescuing a panda or buying a pocket of rainforest, will truly contribute to charities around the world that support that particular cause.

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