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Sri Lanka is home to over 3 million roaming dogs and the associated animal welfare issues that these numbers entail. Animal welfare laws in Sri Lanka are over 100 years old. The end of its 3-decade civil war in 2009 and the devastation of the 2004 tsunami are the background to the animal welfare issues we are tackling that also have a significant impact on human health and wellbeing. The life of an uncared for street dog can be wretched. Entire lives spent without any positive human contact, basic shelter or veterinary care. Suffering hunger, constant torment from preventable and treatable skin conditions or parasitic infections. Dogs and cats are at constant risk of being trapped in illegal snares, injured in fights over territory, contracting sexually transmitted diseases or being exposed to fatal diseases like Rabies. In Sri Lanka, the most effective way to deal with the street dog overpopulation crisis is through education, sterilization and vaccination. The Dogstar Foundation is transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka. Since 2006, Dogstar has worked closely with Sri Lankan communities and vets to provide sterilisations, vaccinations, veterinary treatment, education leading to attitude change, and the development of veterinary practice. A dog charity with a difference, they are also committed to understanding Sri Lankan communities and helping them to find sustainable solutions to animal welfare issues.


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