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california wolf center

The California Wolf Center is a one-of-a-kind, conservation, education, and research center dedicated to wolf recovery in the wild. They are a state-wide organization with staff and volunteers working throughout California striving to pave the way for the return of wolves in our state. Founded in 1977 to educate the public about wildlife and ecology, the Center is currently home to several packs of gray wolves, some of which play an important role in their educational programs. These wolves serve as ambassadors representing wolves in the wild. They also host highly endangered Mexican gray wolves, now being reintroduced into the southwestern United States. A visit to the Center provides a unique experience involving one of the most charismatic and controversial species in North American history.


Making Their Vision A Reality:

Wolves once roamed North America in countless numbers, but were hunted nearly to extinction in the lower 48 United States. Today in the U.S., the iconic melody of a howling wolf pack is heard in only a handful of states, as wolves have been exterminated from a vast majority of their original range. The California Wolf Center is working to bring wild wolves back to suitable habitats and ensure successful coexistence.

California Wolf Recovery

We are at the beginning of what could be one of the most inspiring conservation stories in California; the return of wild wolves after disappearing at the hands of humans. Learn more about this undertaking here.

Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery

Mexican gray wolves are considered one of the rarest land mammals due to their brush with extinction. In 1997 there were a total of 11 individuals left in the world, now there are still less than 450. Take the time to learn more about their current efforts to recover Mexican gray wolves.

Successful Coexistence

Without tolerance from those sharing the landscape with wild wolves there will be no wolf recovery as human caused mortality continues to be a leading cause of death for wolves. We operate two coexistence funds to promote peaceful coexistence between livestock and wild wolves in California and the Southwest. The purpose is to avoid conflict before it happens.


Archaic fairy tales and myths continue to haunt wolves today stirring up fears and concerns based on misunderstanding. By learning factual information about wolves, people can understand that this highly social and intelligent animal also plays a key role in the functioning of a healthy ecosystem, and we learn to coexist with an animal we once feared.



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