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ARCTUROS is a Greek non profit organisation seeking to enhance biodiversity and sustainability in the Greek rural areas. ARCTUROS focuses its efforts on saving the brown bear and its habitats. ARCTUROS implements cross-border projects in order to protect mountainous ecosystems, with an emphasis on bears and large mammals, aiming at the integrated management of protected regions and the provision of expertise for natural environment interventions. Their Environment Center resolved the problem of captive bears and wolves in Greece and raised public awareness about large mammals. This non-profit civil partnership lobbies to protect nature by developing actions of public awareness, environmental education and volunteerism.

Within its mission, ARCTUROS instigates scientific studies, providing environmental education and public awareness on biodiversity issues and sustainability, while trying to exert political pressure based on integrated programs and solutions.

The Brown Bear: The brown bear holds the widest distribution worldwide from all other species of bear. Until recently they were found in North America, northern Mexico, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Today, however, they reside only in northwestern North America, Europe and most of North Asia.  Major threats to the brown bear include poaching and extensive use of poisoned baits, and habitat fragmentation and loss. Human intervention; in the construction of large road projects, indiscriminate opening of forest roads, illegal logging, fires, the placement of wind turbines and dams have had a large impact on bears in the region.




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