Wildlife Games for Kids

Are you looking for a fun and engaging game for your child that doesn’t promote violence? Look no further, World of the Wild is here!


Wildlife Games for Kids

My Green World, has launched a charity-backed mobile game app that allows kids (and adults!) to participate in virtual wildlife conservation scenarios. The mobile app, ‘World of the Wild’ is partnered with 17 global charities and has gamified the concept of wildlife conservation, encouraging users to participate in real-world wildlife conservation and habitat restoration scenarios in a fun and educational app platform.

Games for Kids

High profile organisations such as Sea Turtle Conservancy, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Dogstar Foundation and African Conservation Foundation will be some of the charities that are represented in the game. Kids have the option of donating to any one of those charities and, importantly, each action that they take in this app represents a real life scenario that is carried out by the game’s partner charities all over the world.

What’s It All About?

In World of the Wild, every day people can participate in virtual wildlife conservation scenarios. Users can build their own wildlife sanctuary, and rescue, feed and provide medical care for a variety of animals, interact with other players, compete in educational pop quizzes, and meet some of the world’s most endangered species.

games for kids

World of the Wild is available to download on the Apple App Store HERE. 

“There is a land that has been devastated by destruction; lifeless and grey, it has been poisoned by toxic oil and waste that corrupt the earth. Poachers have captured the land and are destroying entire animal species, preying on them in the quiet of the night, and exploiting developing societies. But you can change this!
You must build your own sanctuary and rescue animals from the brink of terror, cruelty and extinction. Young orangutans have been orphaned; turtles, dolphins, cheetahs and elephants are waiting for you to save them! Join us as we embark on this terrifying, yet beautiful journey to save some of the most precious species on earth.”

Helping Charities Worldwide

World of the Wild was funded and created by My Green World’s Director, Natalie Kyriacou, who has dedicated her life savings to creating a fun and educational game that raises the profile of various charities around the world. To donate to support Natalie and her game, World of the Wild, please click here.

Games for KidsMy Green World was founded in 2013 by Natalie Kyriacou, and has been creating innovative tech-based responses to global wildlife issues ever since. The game, ‘World of the Wild’, is Natalie’s biggest project yet, and her commitment to it is clear –she has poured $80,000 of her own savings into developing and testing the game– even going so far as to sell her car.

This game seeks to bring issues such as wildlife endangerment and environmental degradation to the forefront of public conscientiousness by engaging communities in an easily-accessible, fun, interactive mobile game.

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