Wild Lives: Leading Conservationists on the Animals and the Planet They Love

Lori Robinson and Janie Chodosh’s latest book, ‘Wild Lives: Leading Conservationists on the Animals and the Planet They Love’ shares the stories of 20 conservation experts across the globe who are working tirelessly to preserve our planet for future generations.


‘Wild Lives: Leading Conservationists on the Animals and the Planet They Love’

Book Review

Lori Robinson’s new book, ‘Wild Lives: Leading Conservationists on the Animals and the Planet They Love,’ is a captivating and moving exploration into the lives of some of the most passionate, fearless and inspiring wildlife conservationists, scientists, and ‘superhero’ humans in the world. In the face of such devastating atrocities being committed against the natural world, Robinson, and co-author, Janie Chodosh, seamlessly weave the tales of, arguably, the world’s most extraordinary people, into an uplifting foray into the contributions of humankind; illustrating the lengths that these people will go to save wildlife and protect the natural world. These stories are a beautiful fusion of inspiration and melancholy; highlighting Planet Earth’s perilous trajectory and the remarkable people that have dedicated their lives to saving it.

Wild Lives: Leading Conservationists Robinson’s new book follows on from the success of her first book, ‘Saving Wild: Inspiration from 50 Leading Conservationists, which featured My Green World Founder, Natalie Kyriacou, as well as high-profile conservationists such as, Daphne Sheldrick, Founder of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Ric O’ Barry, Founder of The Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project, and Paul Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Drawing on themes from ‘Saving Wild’, Robinson’s new book delves further into the challenges facing current wildlife conservationists, offering unique perspectives and inspiring – sometimes, heart-wrenching – stories, from pioneering conservationists such as Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder of Cheetah Conservation Fund, Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, the man who coined the phrase ‘biological diversity’ and Beverly and Dereck Joubert, documentary filmmakers and National Geographic explorers and conservationists.

As Robinson notes, “Some of the people in Wild Lives have been thrown in jail and thrown out of countries, are hated by hunters and hunted by rebels. They work in some of the remotest areas in the world, in all kinds of weather. They have used sea ice for a pillow, been charged by elephants, bitten by snakes, and chased by rhino.”


Wild Lives: Leading Conservationists
From left to right: Conservationist Farwiza Farhan with Leonardo DiCaprio. Photo Credit: Paul Hilton Photography | Dr Steven Amstrup, Polar Bears International | Dr Megan Parker with Pepin, credit: Dave Hammam

Wild Lives is devoted to the notion that conservation can, does, and will work, and is for everybody who has a passion for saving wildlife and wild places.

As Beverly and Dereck Joubert comment, “Now isn’t the time to be complacent. We’re losing animals at an alarming rate. The facts are disturbing, yet we can’t hide from them.”

This sentiment is reinforced, though in different ways, by the 20 other conservationists profiled.

Dr Marker notes, “the most important thing we adults can teach our children is to be aware of how our actions and our choices impact the world around us. From a tiny insect or plant, to a magnificent elephant or whale, there are a myriad of living organisms that depend on one another, and ultimately, that depend on us, humans, just as we depend on them. It is our responsibility, as adults, to teach our kids the importance of healthy ecosystems, of maintaining biodiversity”.

Lori Robinson and Janie Chodosh’s ‘Wild Lives: Leading Conservationists on the Animals and the Planet They Love’ is due for release on April 18, 2017 and is available for pre-order now. You can also purchase her first book,‘Saving Wild: Inspiration from 50 Leading Conservationists’, on Amazon.


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