Tragic End for Circus Elephants

Dramatic video footage captures the heartbreaking moment when a trio of circus elephants rally together, defying their captors in a desperate bid to end a lifetime of abuse.


Tragic End for Circus Elephants

The animals were being paraded before a large crowd of onlookers through the streets of Denmark on Saturday when things took a terrible turn.  One of the circus handlers began beating an elephant, prompting all three of the elephants to break from their tragic march and begin to lash back at the trainers who had been mistreating them.
In a desperate dash for freedom the three animals trampled over the enclosure fencing and rampage through the seaside town of Karrebæksminde, terrifying nearby holidaymakers. The elephant can be seen smashing a parked car with its powerful trunk and lifting the vehicle several feet off the ground.

According to, the car suffered a smashed window and bonnet. The website also reported that a woman was injured when one of the spooked elephants knocked her to the ground, causing her to hit her head.
Despite the cruel actions taken by the circus employee to coax the restless elephant, the organisers have said that this incident would not prompt the circus to reconsider forcing elephants to perform. So, sadly, it is a tragic end for these circus elephants, who will be forced back into a sad life of servitude.
If you wish to support the protection and conservation of elephants, please visit our partner charity, Elephants for Africa.

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