Public Relations for Charities

My Green World is excited to announce the launch of our Public Relations for Charities service. This specialised service will provide charities with a cost effective way of reaching wider audiences.


Public Relations for Charities


In a constantly shifting digital world, where people are bombarded with information, My Green World helps clients navigate ever-changing media, business, and consumer landscapes. Our resources for charities will help increase visibility, develop strong marketing and communications strategies and generate positive and impactful media coverage. We offer a full range of marketing communications services tailored to a client’s business objectives.

Our content development and marketing consultancy ranges from simple press releases to expansive editorials, petitions, blog posts, public relations and custom copywriting designed for social sharing. Our high-quality content can help your business increase visibility, build its reputation, and raise awareness for your cause.

The My Green World team is comprised of dedicated non-profit professionals, PR and marketing gurus, entrepreneurs, and journalists who will dedicate their time to building your brand’s visibility and achieving your company objectives. Our full suite of PR and marketing services can be customised to meet your businesses needs. We offer public relations support, press release creation, press kits, blog posts, editorial articles, media articles, PR evaluations, social media evaluations, copy writing, interviews, keyword planning and feature stories. Choose the plan you want by clicking here, or contact us for a custom quote at

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