Win a Photoshoot With a Professional Photographer

We are offering 3 lucky people the opportunity to win a photoshoot with a professional photographer. Simply sign up to our newsletter and you could win a photoshoot valued at over $1000!


Win a Photoshoot with a Professional Photographer


Have you been meaning to get a professional portrait done but found that you have never gotten around to it? Well, you’re in luck!

My Green World is offering people based in Melbourne the chance to win over $1000 worth of professional photography, courtesy of Lifestyle Portraits.

To enter, simply sign up to our newsletter by CLICKING HERE.

Lifestyle Portraits’ founder, Darren Tilnak (M. Photog) P.I.P.P. is a master photographer who shuns the formulaic and mundane practices of conventional portrait photography. His abiding belief that “motion causes emotion” is at the heart of his unique and groundbreaking portraiture style. His rigorous study of the role of movement in the arts has given him the ability to direct his clients with a discerning artistic vision. Moreover, his amicable directing nature instills ease and comfort in clients, allowing them to enjoy their part in the experience.

Natural emotion is the driving force behind Darren’s imagery. The emotion he creates through movement and subject direction gives life and meaning to the still art form of portraiture. Additionally, he possesses an engaging openness that never fails to bring out the best in all his clients. His ever-growing body of work is an ongoing testament to his philosophy, approach, and ability.

3 winners will be announced on May 15th, 2016. Winners will be contacted via email. Lifestyle Portraits are based in Abbotsford, Victoria and boast an incredibly unique and groundbreaking portraiture style. Please tune into Joy 94.9 to hear more details on the competition.

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