The hypocrisy of our time

In an age of technological advancement, where people from all corners of the globe can communicate seamlessly and easily, it is still troubling to see that there are masses of voiceless people and animals who are lying forgotten on the street. It is not enough to like and share and chat about such atrocities over coffee. We have finally entered a period in history where one single voice can be magnified to reach millions, where people of all ages around the world have the ability to truly change the world. Last week, a video of a dog dressed as a spider went viral, grabbing the world’s attention. Meanwhile, millions of street dogs starved alone on the streets; hundreds of rhinos were poached for their horns; millions of hectares of forest were cut down, rendering many animals homeless; tonnes of oil was dumped into our oceans; thousands of dogs and cats languished in shelters, and thousands of endangered animals were smuggled across borders. So instead of watching the spider-dog, or supporting the Kardashian Empire, or sharing ‘funny bloopers’, let us start to raise the profile of the war that is occurring in our backyard: the war on wildlife and ecosystems that is beginning to fundamentally alter our very existence. Let your legacy be more than sharing funny videos; join or support the few people in the world who work tirelessly every day to give a voice to the voiceless. We are not so far removed from this war, it is in our backyard. We, in the developed world are not immune to poverty, land degradation, wildlife trafficking, street dog overpopulation or ocean acidification. In fact, we are the orchestrators of this problem, and it is our duty to help stop it. Not so long ago, we looked upon slavery as the norm, we allowed genocide to continue unabated and we thought women and the poor weren’t entitled to a vote. When will the time come that we will look upon our treatment of animals and the environment as we have come to see slavery? Why have we deigned ourselves the almighty rulers? Why do we condemn China for eating dogs, while we butcher millions of animals ourselves? Why do we condemn sealers in Canada while we butcher sharks in our ocean here? How can we, in good conscience, condemn anybody else in the world while we still continue to pile our plates with animals, continue to use products that test on animals and continue to support institutions that imprison animals for human entertainment? Why do we not draw more parallels and realise that the interconnectedness of humanity extends far beyond technology? That the trees that are cut down in Indonesia impact our existence in Australia. That the extinction of wildlife in Africa threatens all ecosystems throughout the world? When we realise the hypocrisy of our time, maybe then we can start to make a change.

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