Major Travel Wholesaler Bans Elephant Rides

In a bold and positive move, one of Australia’s leading travel wholesalers and operators, Tempo Holidays, has implemented a global ban on elephant rides.


Major Travel Wholesaler

Bans Elephant Rides Globally


Tempo Holidays has announced that it is taking a firm stance against unethical practices and the mistreatment of animals in the travel industry by banning elephant rides globally. Elephant rides can subject these sensitive animals to severe trauma. Baby elephants are taken from their mothers, beaten, poked and prodded in order to “break their spirit” in training. As a result, the highly intelligent and sensitive animals are subjected to physical, emotional and mental illnesses.

Tempo Holidays issued the following statement:

As a responsible travel-focused business operating around the globe, Tempo Holidays have implemented new policies regarding the use of animals in tourism. A heavy increase in wildlife-tourism has seen an escalation in unethical wildlife and animal-related attractions. It is for that reason that Tempo Holidays has taken a firm stance on such practices by phasing out venues of concern, particularly, elephant rides. From November 21, 2015, we no longer offer elephant rides on any of our trips.

Tempo Holidays Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, and My Green World Director, Natalie Kyriacou, says the decision will not only benefit elephants, but travellers as well.

“Tempo travellers appreciate being better informed about such practices and knowing that their travel choice is not causing harm to these extraordinary animals,” Ms Kyriacou said. “

As a leading travel wholesaler, Tempo Holidays is committed to implementing policies that ensure that exploitative animal activities are not being promoted or supported.

“This decision enables us to increase patronage to commendable venues and will help encourage others to lift their standards,” she said.

Tempo Holidays has preferred partner agreements with some of Australia’s leading travel groups, including Flight Centre and helloworld. With this decision, Tempo Holidays embarks on new, ethical direction and hopes to pave the way for the entire Cox & Kings global brand in putting an end to animal cruelty in the travel industry.


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