Fearless Black Mambas Featured in Anti-Poaching Documentary

The fearless women of the Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit have been featured in a new documentary alongside Helping Rhinos.


Fearless Black Mambas Featured in Anti-Poaching Documentary


Filmmakers Anneka Svenska & Nigel Marven have just released a ground-breaking documentary on the all-female Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit. The film, sponsored by Helping Rhinos, highlights the bleak prospects facing much of Africa’s wildlife as a result of poaching. Black Mamba and Helping Rhinos, who are partnered with My Green World, and featured in the app, World of the Wild, have remained optimistic in the face of such resistance.

The Black Mambas risk their lives everyday protecting endangered animals being hunted for their horns, fur and meat. Their daily patrols around the Balule reserve, near Kruger National Park, mean that they face the very real prospect of being gunned down by poachers or mauled to death by the animals they swore to protect.  Each day, these brave women clear snares, feed orphaned rhinos, educate local communities and patrol ‘unarmed’ a 20km stretch of fence.

The Black Mambas, many of whom are mothers and wives, ‘put their lives on the line every day’, said filmmaker Anneka Svenska who fronts the documentary.

The situation in Africa is bleak. 3 rhinos per day die for their horns, which feed the growing traditional medicine trade throughout Asia.

Despite the dangers, and against the odds, the Mambas are winning the battle against poaching. Their presence alone has reduced poaching in Balule by 75 per cent and their methods could now be rolled out across the country.

“The Great Northern White Rhino has only three individuals left, one male, who is under guard 24/7 and two captive females who are too old now to reproduce….we are simply waiting and watching for the northern rhino to disappear into extinction. With the Javan rhino’s numbers teetering around 60 and the Sumatran rhino population around 100, we could be on the bring of a mass extinction of the world’s huge animals”, said Svenska.

The documentary, Narrated and produced by Nigel Marven and fronted by Anneka Svenska, was screened in front of members of the Royal family in London on Wednesday.

This week, The Black Mambas have been promoting their anti-poaching documentary in London and appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live promoting the documentary.

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